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Mistakes to avoid during mergers and acquisitions

If you are considering undergoing a merger or acquisition, you should prepare yourself for the complicated matter that lies ahead of you. There is a lot to know about mergers and acquisitions, and making a mistake in the process can jeopardize your business. Here are a few mistakes to avoid during mergers or acquisitions:

Not having a succession plan

Part of proper business planning includes considering what happens to your business when you are no longer involved with it. As a business owner, try to establish a succession plan that gives you the option of negotiating your price when you want to leave the business or establish another strategy that protects your best interests.

Oversharing business matters during the transaction

It can be an exciting time while you are working on your merger or acquisition, but the statements you make in confidence with another person can also jeopardize how well your plans unfold. Rumors can result in both sides making decisions and assumptions based on false information, resulting in delaying the process or even canceling the transaction.

Rushing through the process

While most business owners are eager to complete a transaction and enjoy the next chapter of their business and its success, rushing can lead to major regrets. Speeding through contract reviews, for example, can result in you missing important clauses that you would normally disagree with. Missing red flags during the transaction can also put you in a worse position than when you started.

Conducting business matters without an attorney

Without the experienced knowledge of a dedicated business law attorney at your side, it can be hard to recognize a mistake before it is too late. An attorney’s guidance is essential in reviewing your actions to ensure that your decisions are beneficial for you and your business. Before making any major business decision, consulting with an attorney can be helpful to ensure the decision is in the best interests of your business and not putting your company in a vulnerable position.