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Signs it is a good time to sell my business

Building a business and guiding it toward success is an exciting feeling. As your success builds, you start to look at how you can build on what you are doing.

While some may start a business with the intent to pass it on, there are times when it makes sense to sell. However, just like when you started your business, timing can help you or hurt you as you look at the future of your business.

These are some signs that it could be a good time to sell your business.

No succession options

A business succession plan is an essential part of building an enduring company. Some owners look to their family members to take over the business, while others find promising talent within their company.

However, when you are not committed to a specific future for your business, selling when it is time to retire is an option that can support your future. Selling means you do not need to worry about what will happen with the company.

Lost joy

Starting your business likely began with a certain amount of enthusiasm and excitement for your section of the industry. As the weeks, months and years began to blur together, you may have felt your joy start to wane.

When you start to miss the spark that kept you going, it could signify that your mental health is beginning to suffer for your work. Selling your business could be a step forward in recovering balance in your life.

Shifting trends

There will always be someone who is trying to build a better mousetrap. It is essential to be aware of the changes in trends in your industry so that you can take action with purpose.

When you sense changes in the industry, it might be a good time to sell your business before you need to adjust to meet a new type of demand. Selling before something new hits the market (or before it gains traction) means you can quit while your business is thriving and leave adaptation to someone else.